What's Bluebutton?

It’s quicker than a quick thing on skates

If you can stream the new Ed Sheeran album the moment it's released, why are some legal indemnity providers still making you wait days, even weeks for a response to your legal indemnity enquiries? That's why we've used cutting-edge technology (mind your fingers) to build an online legal indemnity quotation engine that offers instant quotes.

  • Answer just a few straightforward questions (about the case, obvs – you can tell us your Britney trivia another time) to get a quote in seconds.
  • Get the quote information by email instantly.
  • A cover note will wing its way to you by email as soon as you order the policy. (Email. With wings. You heard it here first.)
  • You’ll get the full documentation as soon as we receive your bank transfer.

It’s full of smarty-pants technology

Clever: We’ve built a website that's so smart, it can offer loads of legal indemnity products (hundreds, to be inexact), covering properties with a change of use and new build properties, as well as existing use properties.

Cleverer: (Is that even a word?) Our quotation engine can recognise when your enquiry is a bit out of the ordinary, and immediately passes all the details to one of our underwriters so they can put their impressive brains to work.

Even clevererer: Our website is stuffed full of smart little features that make getting an online legal indemnity quote as easy as getting it from a regular ol' person.

  • Access your quote details online 24/7, and order the policy at any time.
  • Anyone at your firm who's registered with Bluebutton can order one of your policies if you nip off on holiday.
  • Every quote has a Case Log that's stuffed full of goodies like quote documentation and correspondence.
  • Handling a low risk case? Fancy a discount? Tell us all about it in just a few clicks.
  • Want an alternative quote with a new policy limit? No need to start again, just pop in the new limit!

It's quick and easy

Surely you've heard enough by now to know that Bluebutton is the only way to fly. And by fly, we mean get online legal indemnity quotes. So stop reading this nonsense, get yourself registered and don't look back (seriously, there's a monster behind you).