We’ve all got questions, like: What’s the meaning of life? And exactly how much wood can a woodchuck chuck? We can’t answer them all (we’re not even sure what a woodchuck is), but here are some questions we can answer.

Bluebutton is a pretty exclusive club. Your name’s only on the list if you’re:

  1. a Solicitor;
  2. a Legal Executive;
  3. an individual working under the supervision of a Solicitor, Legal Executive or Licensed Conveyancer.

On top of that, you must work for a firm authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), or registered (or in the process of being registered) as an ancillary insurance intermediary, to undertake insurance distribution business.

Legal indemnity ones, of course! (Sorry, we had to.)

But seriously, we've got hundreds of products to choose from, and our smarty-pants technology can even handle complex and unusual cases. You can submit enquiries for existing use properties, properties where the use has changed, and new builds too! And even if our futuristic quotation engine decides it needs a helping hand, it will pass all the details to one of our clever underwriters, who will contact you within 15 minutes.

So, in short, you can submit any enquiry except for ones about where babies come from.

We’ll get into big trouble if we advise on the policy limit required for individual cases. It is for you and your clients, in conjunction with any lender, to determine the level of cover which is appropriate. For further information, please refer to the UK Finance Mortgage Lenders' Handbook.

Yes, as long as you're a Super Supremo. Which leads us to...

Super Supremos have great power, and great responsibility. They can:

  1. register new users (and give them Super Supremo roles too);
  2. add new office locations;
  3. manage the registration process.

A Super Supremo role will be automatically rewarded to the first person to register from your firm (we’re all out of paper crowns).

He'll do anything for love, he just won't do that.

Money makes the world go round, and so can Cash Commanders. They can pay for multiple policies at once, track outstanding payments, request a monthly account arrangement or, if such an arrangement already exists, view past and current monthly statements. A firm can have more than one Cash Commander. If you would like the role, your Super Supremo can grant it to any registered user of Bluebutton, and if they haven’t let on who they are, you’ll find their name listed in the ‘Firm summary’, which can be found under ‘Firm details’ in your Dashboard.

Yes, because that’s what they say at the Solicitors Regulatory Authority and the Council of Licensed Conveyancers, and we listen to them because they’re important. We issue a template Demands and Needs statement with every quote, which you can change and use as much as you like. You can also download a copy here.

Yikes. You’d better contact us and we'll solve your problem in a jiffy.

Uh-oh, maybe the cookie has crumbled? Make sure you haven’t disabled LiveChat cookies by clicking 'Cookies' at the bottom of the page. If the cookies are enabled but LiveChat still isn’t working, contact us at hello@bluebutton.co.uk and we’ll do our best to help you out.

Have you tried our nifty Policy Search tool? It's pretty clever, and it can usually find the legal indemnity you're after with just a few letters to go on. If you still can't find what you're looking for, Bono, contact us and we'll help you out.

Sure, log in and head over to the Your quotes page, which you can access from the Dashboard. You can see previous quotes and search for them too.

Don't worry, we all make mistakes. That's why we made it easy to tweak your Bluebutton quotes. You can change your answers to the questions we asked when you obtained the quote, the insured address, and even change the policy limit.

Totally real life. A fantasy would have more unicorns.

We take bank transfer by Faster Payment or BACS; we’ll email your policy documents to you once payment is received, so electronic payments mean you can often go from zero to policy in mere minutes. You can pay for each policy as you order it or arrange monthly accounting. You’ll find the payment details on your cover note, or on the Dashboard page once you’ve logged in.

Well aren’t you the curious cat? Talk to us via Live Chat or email us at hello@bluebutton.co.uk.