About us

A team of clever clogs

The Bluebutton team has stacks of legal indemnity experience, oodles of techie brainpower, and a killer porcelain cat collection: the perfect combination needed to build a super-duper legal indemnity site. Seriously, you’d be surprised how important porcelain cats are.

But the years of underwriting experience has been pretty helpful too, as it meant we could teach our website how to handle even your most complex cases. We might make the odd joke (and they certainly are odd), but you can rest easy knowing there’s decades of legal indemnity know-how behind every quote you get from us.

Cover you can trust

We don't send our policies by post but, if we did, they'd totes be worth the paper they're written on, because we offer comprehensive cover with no hidden exclusions or restrictions to trip you up. Not only that, but everything is backed by Liberty Legal Indemnities, an A-rated insurer with a big thumbs-up from the credit rating agencies. So you know the cover you’re getting from Bluebutton is solid, solid as a rock (that’s what our love is).


If your clients ever need to make a claim against their Bluebutton legal indemnity policy, we’ll move Heaven and Earth to make sure they’re looked after.

We've got our own in-house, top-notch Claims team, who know when it's time to dig in and defend a policyholder's rights, and when some smooth-talking negotiation with a third party will get a better outcome. They’ve also built relationships with some top litigation firms, so they know who to call (hint: it’s not Ghostbusters) if they ever need advice on the finer points of tricky property law. In short, your clients can rest easy knowing any claims will be handled quickly and professionally.

Want to know more about us?

Well, we like long walks on the beach, cuddling in front of the fire, and reading good books. If you want to know even more about us, you can contact us with your questions, or read our FAQs to see if someone beat you to it!