Services/Drainage legal indemnity policies

Here are all our Services/Drainage legal indemnity insurance policies. Don’t they look nice? Drop us a line at to tell us how nice they look (or if you can’t find the one you want).

  • No Build over Agreement - public sewer/private drain

    Get a quote Wording The property (or part) has been built over or close to a public sewer or a private drain without agreement without the relevant third parties
  • Private drain - outside boundary

    Get a quote Wording Potential action by the local authority under the Building Act to recover costs for repair of a private drain passing through land outside the property boundary
  • Services - inadequate easement (excluding septic tanks)

    Get a quote Wording Inadequate easement for using the services and/or access for maintenance
  • Services - inadequate easement (septic tanks)

    Get a quote Wording Inadequate easement for using a septic tank and/or access for maintenance