Cookie Policy

No, sorry, we’re not offering you a delicious baked treat. A cookie is a small text file that’s stored on your computer. Nearly every website uses them to make your experience better. No, we don’t know why they’re called cookies either.

Our website uses cookies for our handy online features, such as our quotation system or LiveChat, as well as providing us with analytics about our site.

Because we’re super organised, we put our cookies into four categories.

Essential Cookies allow you to log in to our site, where you can obtain quotes, order policies, and do other useful stuff.

Analytical Cookies help us figure out how our lovely customers use our website. They don’t record any personal information about you other than your IP address, which is only used to determine your general geographic location. The IT wizards tell us this information helps make our website better, and we never argue with a wizard. Disabling these cookies will not affect your ability to use our website.

LiveChat Cookies enable you to start an online chat session with one of our friendly neighbourhood underwriters, who can answer your questions or help you if you’re having problems with the site. Disabling these cookies will prevent you from starting these chats.

Social Media Cookies help us show our Twitter feed on the Contact Us page, as well as link our website to our Twitter account, where we’re always ready to tweet to a peep.

You can control which cookies are used by clicking the “Cookie settings” button below. Remember, disabling some cookies can prevent you from using certain parts of our website.

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We use these cookies in line with our privacy policy. If you want to know more about cookies (the baked or techy kind), please drop us a line with any questions you have.

Well done for reading all of that. Go get yourself a real cookie. You deserve it.